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AWMH & Metallica Support

Our Partners

Founded in 2017, All Within My Hands (AWMH) is a non-profit, philanthropic organization created by the members and management of Metallica. The Foundation is dedicated to creating sustainable communities by supporting workforce education, the fight against hunger, and other critical local services

AWMH aims to assist and enrich the lives of members of the communities who have supported Metallica for years, as well as encourage participation from fans and friends. All funds raised are donated to a cross-section of national and local charities with every penny going directly to AWMH’s charity partners. The Foundation’s expenses are paid for by the band and the Board of Directors.

As of summer 2022, All Within My Hands has provided $5.9 million in grants to career and technical education programs, over $2.5 million to combat food insecurity, and more than $3.3 million towards disaster relief efforts.

Metallica's History Leading to the Creation of AWMH

From global causes to local ones, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo have always taken pride in giving back to the community. Metallica has played concerts and festivals such as The Bridge School Benefit Concerts, Live Earth, Global Citizen, and Band Together Bay Area. The band has also donated proceeds from ticket sales and album releases to various charitable organizations, including Fondation de France’s Give For France and Gilda’s Club NYC, and met with many Make-A-Wish participants.

Long-time advocates of local food banks, Metallica celebrated the release of the 2016 album, Hardwired...To Self-Destruct, with a series of five shows, donating proceeds from all ticket sales to food banks in New York City, London, Toronto, Los Angeles, and Oakland.

The creation of All Within My Hands empowers Metallica to take things to the next level. While the band continues to support various causes, AWMH intends to have an even more significant impact through a sustained and focused philanthropic commitment and hopes to inspire others to join us in making the world a better place through local community support. In addition to partnering with local food banks through Feeding America on the band’s home turf, AWMH is proud to work with World Central Kitchen to provide nutritious meals around the globe. In 2023, the Foundation began partnering with The Farmlink Project in an effort to reduce the amount of food waste in the United States while redistributing surplus produce to food banks and feeding people in need. The Foundation also supports workforce education through the Metallica Scholars initiative in conjunction with the American Association of Community Colleges and other critical local services through disaster relief grants in partnership with Direct Relief.