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Supporting Workforce Education

Metallica Scholars is a major workforce education initiative that provides direct support to community colleges to enhance their career and technical education programs. These programs provide skills and services to students looking to enter a traditional trade or other applied learning program.

In 2019, ten colleges from across the country received $100,000 each to support more than 1,000 students training to enter the American workforce. Year one of the program proved so successful it prompted us to expand the program to 15 schools in year two (2020). We launched year three on May 25, 2021, by adding eight schools, bringing MSI to 23 schools nationwide. In year fourwe proudly broadened our reach to support 32 schools in 27 states as the number of students supported grew.

On July 26, 2023, we announced the launch of year five of the Metallica Scholars Initiative. Reaffirming our commitment to career and technical education, 11 new colleges were added, and we now have programs at 42 schools in 33 states. MSI has impacted the lives of 6,000 students across the US so far.

What Is The Metallica Scholars Initiative?
How Are Schools Selected?

Partnering with the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), a Washington, DC-based organization that represents the nation’s 1,103 community colleges, the Metallica Scholars awards were selected via a competitive application process and are designed to provide support of relevant job skill training for community college students, reinvest in communities that supported Metallica during its recent United States tours, and leverage the influence of Metallica to elevate the importance of career and technical education.

Which Schools Are Supported By The Metallica Scholars Program?
Get To Know Our Students

Check out our Scholars Spotlight to meet some of our students who have shared their stories with us.

They come from different backgrounds and have selected different fields of study, but they share the common goal of investing in their futures for themselves and their families.

We continue to be inspired by each of them and are honored to assist them in their educational pursuits.

Meet Our Students >>

Support For Our Scholars

We have been fortunate to catch the eyes of some major players in the workwear industry who have made significant contributions to our workforce education program. Both Carhartt, through its "Hard Rock is Hard Work" Labor Day campaign, and Wolverine, through its Project Bootstrap program, have helped us train the skilled trade professionals of tomorrow.