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Loudwire: Metallica Make Six-Figure Donation to Aid Flood Victims in Germany

Metallica continue to step up in times of need, and their latest contribution to helping around the world comes in Germany. Last July, massive flooding over a 48 hour period led to widespread destruction and 184 deaths. After hearing of the natural disaster, Metallica issued a limited edition single of "Enter Sandman" designed to raise funds, with over 130,000 € (approximately $137,000 U.S.) being collected for Aktion Deutschland Hilft's relief efforts.

The special single, issued in August last year to coincide with the self-titled Black Album's 30th anniversary edition release, came as a numbered, glow-in-the-dark 7" vinyl, and was also made available in Maxi CD and 3" PockIt CD formats. All profits from sales from each format were directed to helping out flood victims.

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