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Alexis - Westchester Community College

Alexis - Westchester Community College

Dear Metallica,

My name is Alexis, and I have a mechanical engineering background. I am currently working as a manufacturing engineer in Mt. Kisco, New York. My family tends to be more liberal arts and people-oriented, pursuing things such as history, English, retail, management, and teaching/coaching. I have always excelled more in STEM subjects and enjoy manual labor. Of course, my family encouraged me to do what I enjoy, but I noticed the difference in interest. And try as they might to listen to me talk about my work, they tend to get uninterested in or unsure of what I am speaking about, but they are still willing to listen.

My family often tells me how smart I am, especially given the field I chose to pursue, but it has made me realize that intelligence is truly broad and depends on perspective. They say I am intelligent, but really it tends to be within what I have been taught. If I were to switch occupations and even some hobbies with any of them, I would be lost and seem much less "smart." So, in my opinion, everyone can be "smart" or intelligent and learn anything. And that is why education is important. Anyone can become educated in anything. They just get to choose what it is. Of course, these choices can be hindered by different circumstances, but resources and assistance have been provided or made available to help overcome hindrances. Education provides joy, hope, and personal power to individuals and can create change in communities and the world and therefore should not be unavailable or dismissed.

Thank you for your generosity and willingness to support so many students and the workforce in furthering their education and improving their confidence and marketability, including me. It is an honor to receive this scholarship, and I have the utmost appreciation. Some say people are willing to waste others' money but not their own, but I feel as if it is the opposite. When given a gift, you should do your absolute best to achieve what it is for, so that it is not given in vain.

This gift will help me become more comfortable and confident in my work and at my workplace. It will provide me with a foundation to build upon through this curriculum and certification and better understand the jobs I am currently working on. It will also help me help others who come after me. Thank you for providing financial aid, and in turn, education to the workforce.