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2024 Month Of Giving

All Within My Hands Supports Trade Education for Fifth Annual Month of Giving

MAY 1, 2024

Our fifth annual Month of Giving launches today!

With prongs two and three of our mission well-represented in Months of Giving past, this year, we focus on prong one: workforce education. There is an unprecedented need for skilled tradespeople across the country. As reported by Forbes, experts predict around 3 million trade jobs will be left unfilled by 2028. Our funding of trade education programs through the Metallica Scholars Initiative is currently US-based, but we’ve only just begun. The need for skilled tradespeople is not a uniquely American problem, so we intend to expand our reach to contribute to a solution.

As always, there are plenty of opportunities to join us! And join us, you have - in a big way! Since the launch of the Month of Giving fundraising and awareness campaign in 2020, we’ve granted more than $2.1 million to charitable organizations that align with our mission. Among previous recipients are hunger initiatives led by Feeding America, World Central Kitchen, and The Farmlink Project, along with the COVID-19 disaster response initiative led by Direct Relief. This impact is only possible thanks to your participation through donations, merch sales, auctions, sweepstakes, fundraisers, and matching dollars.

How can you participate?


We always welcome donations to the campaign. If you’d like to make a financial gift, visit to contribute to the “Month of Giving - Skilled Trades" fund.


Another way to give is by shopping in The Metallica Store!

With the band hitting the road later this month, we’ve had "Wherever I May Roam" stuck in our heads lately. So, we’re resurrecting this awesome Rhys Cooper design, recolored for a special, limited edition AWMH Month Of Giving T-Shirt!

This shirt will be available this month only! If you like what you see, place your preorder anytime between May 1 and May 31. When the purchase window ends, the shirt will go into production and fulfillment.

And we're sticking with the "Roam" era... when you shop select Black Album products,* a portion of the proceeds from your order will benefit AWMH! So keep an eye out for the "Month of Giving" badge in The Met Store.

If you're in the mood for music with a philanthropic twist, don't forget that all profits from The Metallica Blacklist go to charity. In case you missed it when it came out, The Metallica Blacklist is an incredible cover album released in honor of The Black Album's 30th Anniversary, featuring interpretations by 50+ artists spanning genres, generations, and geographic regions. Half of the proceeds benefit AWMH, and the other half go to charitable organizations of each contributing artist's choice. 

*Album excluded.



Metallica: The Black Album in Black & White Cover Poster
Silver Foil Variant Autographed by Metallica

Created exclusively for promotional purposes, this silver foil variant poster is up for auction from May 7 - 14 to benefit our Month of Giving! The poster measures 31” x 24” and displays the cover of Ross Halfin’s latest publication, Metallica: The Black Album in Black & White. It is signed in black Sharpie by all four current members of Metallica (James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo). 

The winner of this auction will also receive a copy of this gorgeous hardcover book documenting the era of The Black Album. Photographer Ross Halfin was with the band during the album sessions at One on One Studios in North Hollywood and documented the 300-date tour that followed between 1991 and 1993. The hectic performing schedule is mixed in with many unique portrait sessions and candid, backstage documentary-style photography, rehearsals, interviews, band meetings, and travel. 

This official Metallica book features many classic and previously unpublished images with introductions by Ross Halfin, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Jason Newsted, and Robert Trujillo, who performed on part of the tour with his band Suicidal Tendencies. Printed with a metallic silver jacket with block-foil lettering, this volume is an epic celebration of one of rock’s most legendary albums.



James Hetfield ESP Signature Series
Grey Truckster LTD Guitar Autographed by Metallica

For our Month of Giving Fandiem sweepstakes, one lucky winner will become the new owner of an incredibly rare piece of Metallica memorabilia: an autographed Truckster guitar. This grey Truckster guitar was autographed in 2009 by all four members of Metallica (James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo) in black Sharpie.

The original Truckster began as a black ESP Eclipse. James refinished it with multiple layers of five different colors, strategically sanded to emulate a distressed car finish. That guitar was the prototype on which the Signature model was based. The Tuckster and Truckster LTD were part of ESP’s James Hetfield Signature Series but are no longer produced.

Local Chapter Fundraising Competition

Our favorite friendly competition is back! You know the drill by now; local chapters of the Metallica Fan Club compete to raise money for AWMH and win awesome prizes for their members.

Last year, 36 local chapters joined forces to raise an incredible $58,868.21, contributing to our grand total of $200,000 granted to The Farmlink Project. We also saw our first-ever repeat champion, as MASSter of Puppets took 2023’s top spot. But they weren’t without competition, so we can’t wait to see who gives them a run for their money this year!

This year, fan club members will compete for bragging rights and killer prizes, and to see who can raise the most money for AWMH in support of the skilled trades. Whether you're a member of a local chapter or not, find the group you want to support and help them positively impact tomorrow's workforce!

Spread the Word & Share Your Story

One of the most important yet often forgotten ways to help is by telling your friends about AWMH. We’re lucky to have the mighty Metallica behind us, but we’re still a relatively young foundation. And as such, every share counts. We are so appreciative of our online AWMH community, and we love hearing from you!

So this Month of Giving, spread the word! Share our story. Share YOUR story. Tell people what inspires you to give back with us. And when you do so, use the hashtags #AWMH#MetallicaFamilyGivesBack, and #MonthOfGiving2024.

Remember "The Why"

We created AWMH to help people more actively and purposefully. When it comes to education, we direct our attention toward those who may not follow the stereotypical road to success that is so prevalently taught. 

"There are no meaningless jobs. Someone who is trading billions of dollars on Wall Street has the same-sized soul as someone who is holding the ‘slow’ sign for some road construction that is going on. They serve a purpose, and it is important. We need those people."

James Hetfield

The Metallica Scholars Initiative exists to provide resources so people can find the path that works for them. Thank you for joining us for this campaign to support our future skilled tradespeople, the unsung heroes of your everyday life. Now, let’s raise some money!