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Krista - Grand Rapids Community College

Krista - Grand Rapids Community College

Our partners at American Association of Community College shared this from Michigan Department of Education, they have selected Metallica Cohort Graduate, Krista Steffens to receive the Michigan 2020 Breaking Traditions Merit Award for 2020.  This award recognizes Krista's accomplishments in a nontraditional career and technical education program at Grand Rapids Community College.

“Recently, my husband became ill and I really needed to provide for my family. Just after that, I attended the open house to learn more. When I found out that I was selected to the scholarship program, I was overjoyed! I have truly loved this program. I have made lifelong friends with the women in this class. Professor Nick was so supportive but at the same time allowed us to work at our own pace. I think I found my niche. I like working independently. I turn on my music and just weld away! It’s so fun! I have already started a new job making $5 more an hour. Thanks Metallica!" - Krista, welder, GRCC