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Lydia - North Idaho College

Lydia - North Idaho College

“I am studying at NIC to earn an Associate’s degree in general studies as well as a CAD-A tech degree before going down to UofI to get a degree in architecture. I work at Jamba Juice and have for the past two years in order to pay for my college semesters at NIC and to be able to save up some money before going down to university. I am using my time at NIC as a way to see what sort of career path I wish to follow. My career goals are to become an architect and work for a company that will allow me to showcase my creative abilities. I want to provide a service for businesses through creating the Jobsite or building that the company needs. I would like to be able to design houses and residential buildings for people that are functional and have a bit of flair. This scholarship will help me to reach these goals because I will be able to pay for the majority of my college this semester, and I won't need to worry about paying off my books and the tuition cost while trying to save money for university.

Thank you for awarding me this scholarship. I am a 20 year old female following a career in a field that is mainly male-dominated, so I often experience a disadvantage due to my age and gender. I really appreciate this support, because it helps me believe that I am able to complete my schooling and that I will be able to thrive in the architectural world even though I am not the type of person that would typically be considered an architect." _Lydia, Metallica Scholar, North Idaho College