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Metallica Scholars Spotlight

Armando - Grand Rapids Community College

Armando Medina was ready to transform his life. He had spent years moving around from various jobs but was searching for a real career. The risk was a big deal. He has daughters and his wife to support, and he knew it would be a struggle if he went back to school. 

Armando felt like all the stars aligned when he learned about the Grand Rapids Community College CNC/Machining Job Training program. He attended the online information session and was hooked. The instructor spoke so passionately about all the trade opportunities, and Armando knew this program would provide him with the transformation he was looking for! 

"The Metallica Scholarship was an incredible gift. I love this work and can see the potential for a lifelong career. My family is proud of me for going to college and my confidence has grown like never before! I honestly do feel like a new person. I’m just so thankful!”

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